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Start your GREEN journey with a choice

GREENCUP isn't here to save the world, (we don't have red undies and a cape) but we do want to provide options which are better for New Zealand at prices that mean consumers get a real choice rather than choosing non-biodegradable packaging because its cheap and accessible.

Daily decisions regarding what we do, what we consume, where we buy, how we choose to live, and the values that we hold and promote, affect this world and the communities we live in. Every choice we make reveals how much we care for our world. Today, the divergent paths are clear. Will our actions forge a world with collapsing natural ecosystems, mass scale species extinctions, growing pollution and waste, increasing social and economic disparity, and a lack of basic services to billions on the planet? Or will they contribute to healthy ecosystems, social and economic equality, thriving habitats and a better quality of life for all?

We aren't the moral police - but we do want to provide a real choice for you.

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